With our vast experience in servicing both government and private institutions, LBPSC is your preferred business partner. We have developed a management structure to serve our current and future clients better. Companies, institutions and government agencies will be handled by a dedicated Project Management Team comprised of seasoned Managers, Placement Officers and HR Assistants equipped with adequate knowledge per industry.

Companies can expect business support in the following areas as we deploy:

  • Administrative Support
  • General Services
  • Hotel Staffing Services
  • Janitorial and Building Maintenance
  • Marketing & Sales Support
  • Operations Support
  • Technical Services

Our operations and support expand throughout the Philippines with our satellite offices in Cebu, Davao, Baguio, Legaspi, General Santos and MIAA.

We are eager to hear how we can help you in your business operations.

Please contact: Coleen L. Ordona at cordona@lbpsc.com.ph.